Jamba! Abo – Abolish the Abo.

Jamba! Abo  –  Abolish the Abo.

I’m a distracted eater that’s for sure and it’s a bad habit I know. I have to watch, read or listen to something whilst I chow down.

Something a little unsavoury cropped up whilst I was eating lunch.

I was reading a forum post on mumsnet a parental forum when all of sudden an advert filled the browser on my phone.

I attempted to click off the advert and all of a sudden I get two SMS messages about a subscription I’d started.

At no point had I entered my phone number or was aware I was starting a subscription for mobile games, ringtones or other early 00’s throwbacks.

I was charged 4.99€ right away and this would renew until I cancelled.

This was concerning as I was due to travel to the UK the next morning and I could’ve done without a shady company giving themselves access to my phone details and billing.

The company is Jamba! or Jamster in some markets owned by freenet digital GmbH.

Based in Berlin it appears as though many have been hit by unwanted subscriptions including many cases of minors.

Asking around the office I’m not the only one to have been hit by this company.

I wanted to make sure they had no ability to take further payments as such I called Simyo my mobile provider to stop any company charging me through my phone bill.

For Simyo users you can send an e-mail to service@simyo.de from the e-mail address registered to your Simyo account.

This is what I sent:

Bitte um Einrichtung Drittanbietersperre für simyo-rufnummer (your phone number) LG (Your Name)


Next is to contact Jamba! and get your money back and the subscription stopped.

Jamba! support e-mail address appears to be info@support.jamba.net

This was my request:

Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren, 

durch eine SMS habe ich erfahren das ich ein Abo (Abonummer: Your phone number)

in Ihrem Hause abgeschlossen habe.

Da ich solche Dienste weder nutze oder je genutzt habe, ist es mir nicht

zu erklären wie dieses Abo zustande gekommen ist. Somit teile ich Ihnen

mit, dass ich Ihrer Aufforderung zur Zahlung nicht nachkommen werde, da

dieser rechtsgrundlos erfolgt.

Ich fordere Sie hiermit auf, Einzelheiten über das Zustanden kommen des

Abos zu zuschicken. Ich habe zu keiner Zeit einen kostenpflichtigen

Vertrag mit Ihnen abgeschlossen. Im Übrigen wäre ein angebliches

Vertragsverhältnis dem Gesamtcharakter nach als sittenwidrig anzusehen

und damit von Anfang an nichtig.

Vorsorglich fechte ich den vermeintlich abgeschlossenen Vertrag wegen

arglistiger Täuschung und wegen Irrtums an.

Rein vorsorglich mache ich von meinem Widerrufsrecht Gebrauch.

Ich fordere Sie auf, keine Abbuchungen von meiner Rufnummer zu tätigen.

Andersfalls werde ich die Einleitung rechtlicher Schritte gegen Sie

prüfen, um feststellen zu lassen, dass Ihnen keine Ansprüche gegen mich


Mit freundlichen Grüßen,

(Your Name)

A few days later I received a response asking for my bank details to make the refund.

Sure enough it arrived and that thus far has been the end of my dealings with Jamba!

Questions still remain of how they are able to continue such practices and how they obtained my phone number from the web browser on my phone.

If you’ve not yet experienced the sheer joy that the abo bring then I’d recommend contacting your provider to block any third parties from using your phone bill to facilitate third party billing.


Brexit (or not to Brexit)

Brexit (or not to Brexit)

I tend to be somewhat apolitical. Whilst back in the UK there’s an unavoidable political topic in conversation and media alike, it is of course Brexit.

After much stick poking Cameron has caved to democracy and scheduled a referendum, something he once rejected back in 2012.

Us Brits are a loveable yet stubborn bunch. We rejected the Euro and drive on the other side of the road.

We like to distance ourself from Europe and not just by water.

Now we will voice our opinion, something else we like to do.

British media is churning out scaremongering babble from each camp it’s tiresome to spectate.

What isn’t tiresome is the truly interesting option poll results and how passionate the public has become.

For much time it has been neck and neck. The latest option poll (3-5 June) 43% wish to remain whilst 48% wish to leave as for the other 9% they’re still head scratching.

People really are passionate in their opinion of the EU.

I’m not going to even touch upon the positives and negatives of the EU, there’s already enough of that.

I do however believe that voting is important for both camps, democracy is at our foundation.

Fortunately not being in the UK for the vote doesn’t mean that your chance of voting is over.

Head over to the Government website and get cracking.

You can vote by proxy or post whichever suits you best.

I chose to vote by proxy and credit to the Government website it’s straight forward.

You’ll need to enter a few details including your national insurance number and they’ll e-mail you a form.

Simply print, sign and send the completed form by email to your respective local government e-mail address.

How will a possible Brexit impact us 2+ million expats in the EU you ask?

That’s something we simply don’t know…yet.

Perhaps one of the three could result from Brexit code red.

1.) Britain and the EU retain a certain reformed freedom of movement. This would be peachy for people like me and those wishing to travel, live and work within EU.

One of the major topics of Brexit is immigration and borders, we can’t have the best of both worlds.

2.) New agreements made with the EU resulting is a more restrictive “freedom” of movement.

3.) All ties are cut with the EU and no freedom of movement agreements in place. This would be unlikely for sure and not something I can see happening at all or anytime soon.

In a worse case scenario could it be Auf Wiedersehen Germany?

For those registered here almost certainly not. The Vienna Convention of 1969 protects those who have already excised their right to reside in another EU states can expect to keep it.

For those wishing to move post-Brexit could be in for more headaches and hoops to jump through.

Much like X-Factor we must wait for the public to cast their votes.