PlayStation 4 – Remote Play.

My search for a new apartment continues, it’s not easy and it’s not fun.

What is fun for a is PlayStation.

Unfortunately due to the flat situation my PlayStation is sat under the bed while the only TV in the apartment is being shared with none gaming others.

As I love nothing more than an underwear clad PlayStation binge it’s a tricky situation.

I even considered buying a Vita I really did hit rock bottom. That is until the 3.5 update came into my life featuring Remote Play.

Remote Play facilitates gaming from a PC or Mac via local to remote connection to the PS4 console.

I was as sceptical as I was hopeful, so much rested on this working who would free London from those retched Blighters?

PlayStation hardwired under the bed and Mac connected by wifi I went all out by demanding the highest output of 720p (remember that?).

It worked…no really it worked really well. No noticeable lag even on online sessions and the quality not bad at all, for the most part.

There are times that for no reason the connection will drop making everything look like retro remake of Minecraft but it’s seldom.

As for internet remote, remote play it works but it demanding. Without having a high upload speed at home and download speed elsewhere forget it. Expect a laggy and pixelated mess if it even connects at all.

Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 21.27.00

Dead Island or Minecraft?